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Death Valley: Guide

A quick guide with strategies and best Brawlers for playing Solo and Duo Showdown on the map Death Valley.

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The Beginning of a New Dawn

Howdy Brawlers! u/BrawlStars recently posted on Reddit that the team is back in Office! The whole team was on a much deserved vacation (June – July). Just like BS team, […]

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Brawler Concept: Grim

Have you ever thought something passed in front of you, only to find out that something was stolen from your pockets? That might be Grim and its kleptomania…

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Gamemode Collections Vol. 3

  Howdy Brawlers, Arigh here from The Weekly Brawler here bringing you a brand new volume of my Gamemode Collections! Gold Rush:   Gold Rush is a 2 vs 2 […]

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Status of the Game-June, 2018

Brawl Stars has had a rough time the soft launch on iOS in the Canadian App Store last year. At first, the hype for the game was massive, but a […]

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How to Dodge

Howdy Brawlers! In this guide about dodging, I will discuss some ways to dodge enemy attacks and I hope it’ll help some of you struggling with getting hurt by some really obvious […]